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We specialize in the development of Industrial Leak Detection Machines

Throughout the years, we have worked with different industries and found that our customers have one thing in common – they need leak detection machines that are reliable, deliver repeatable, accurate results, are user-friendly, future-proofed, and give the best ROI in the business.

Our product line has evolved to meet these needs better than anyone else in the business.

  • HLT® Vacuum and Helium Chamber

Customized solutions in leak detection

Our vacuum chamber leak test systems give you maximum sensitivity, repeatability and robustness.

Our modular manufacturing system allows flexibility into the future and thanks to our cutting-edge engineering, we design systems that meet the most demanding production rates.

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  • OptVol Technology® Helium Leak Detection


OptVol is a compact all-in-one leak test system capable of detecting leaks up to 5.0e-06 mbarL / s. It is fast, versatile, cost-effective, and can be used to test a large range of products with simple tooling changes.

OptVol is 9% faster and has operating cost savings of up to 65% compared to traditional vacuum chamber leak detection systems. This means you will see significant savings over your production lifetime.

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  • Accuro® Helium or Hydrogen Leak Detection


Accuro is a mass spectrometry leak detection system that doesn’t use vacuum technology and is capable of repeatedly finding leaks up to 1.0e-03 mbarL / s, using helium or hydrogen.

Most pressure differential systems are very sensitive to changes in temperature in both the part being tested or in the testing environment. This causes false failures, causing high levels of scrap. Accuro is designed to negate sensitivity to temperature, removing the risk of false failures and scrap.

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  • PURE® Hybrid Helium Recovery System

Purifies and maximizes recovery

PURE is capable of taking gas from leak detection systems at any concentration and purifying the concentration to 90% consistently without the need to add pure Helium.

PURE is designed to only store helium particles and get rid of any other gas, thus ensuring a constant recovery rate despite system conditions.

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What Else can VES Do?

Vacuum Chamber Systems

Our vacuum chamber leak test systems give you maximum sensitivity, repeatability and robustness. Our modular system allows flexibility for the future and thanks to our innovative engineering, we design systems that satisfy the most demanding production rates.

Sniffer System

Sniffer Leak Testing Systems are commonly used on products that may be too large to fit inside a test chamber, or when the location and subsequent repair of a discovered leak is required. The Sniffer system can use helium, hydrogen, or refrigerant gases to locate leaks.

Helium MIXER

Gas mixing systems mix 100% helium in custom concentrations with dry air or nitrogen. This saves helium costs while maintaining the required sensitivity of the leak test system.


We can take on any challenge, no matter how big. We have developed systems in industries including automotive, HVAC, medical, aerospace, clean energy, and more, and accommodate a range of other integrations including robotic systems and industry 4.0.

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“The highlight of the maintenance policy has been the repeatability of the measurements. The performance indicators show this as the level of acceptance of parts has increased and scrap has been reduced by 8% ”.
Leonardo Ortiz

Maintenance Manager – GW Plastics Mexicana

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