Customized solutions in leak detection

Our vacuum chamber leak test systems give you maximum sensitivity, repeatability and robustness.

Our modular manufacturing system allows flexibility into the future and thanks to our cutting-edge engineering, we design systems that meet the most demanding production rates.

In our 27 years. We have developed more than 1500 machines for different sectors and industries.

Sectors for HLT – vacuum and helium chamber


– HVAC (radiators, condensers, evaporators, combo coolers, etc.)

-Fuel Systems

– Suspensions

– Brakes and Exhausts


HVAC comercial

– HVAC Residential

– Capacitors

– Valves

clean Energy

– Fuel Cells

– Hydrogen Tanks

– Battery

– Battery Cells

– Battery Coolers


– Catheters

– Endoscope

Packaging for medicines

– Urinal bags and similars

– R&D


Next Steps

our value proposition

local manufacturing

European Standards manufactured 100% in America. We bring supply chains together to improve cost, refection and support.

Low operational cost

With optimized pumping systems and unique software we are able to reduce maintenance and spare parts costs by 38% and power consumption by 40% compared to the industry average.

Tolerance to helium contamination

If you are a veteran of helium leak detection systems, you will know that the «helium background» is the common enemy in production environments, as well as the false leaks generated by leaks that do not come from the product. Our equipment is designed to minimize this and maintain equipment reliability over the years.


Through our modular system. Our machines have the flexibility to adapt to engineering changes and new products without high re-engineering investments.

Industry 4.o

With VESView and VESConnect you can monitor your machines from your computer or smarthphone. It also allows us to connect remotely to give you immediate solutions.

Problem solving

We have highly trained staff in Mexico, USA and Europe, remote connection, special HMI screens for monitoring and troubleshooting, extensive alarm library, industry 4.0 on machine components, among others to ensure that your machines are back in production in the shortest possible time.

We work with leading companies

They have already checked our quality and innovation

Do you have a project on the doorstep? Let’s talk

Whether you want to know more about our HLTs or you already have a specific need in leak detection. Write to us and we will contact you in less than 24 hours.

«The most outstanding feature of the maintenance policy has been the repeatability of the measurements. The performance indicators show this as the level of acceptance of parts has been increased and the scrap was reduced by 8%»


Maintenance Manager – GW Plastics Mexicana

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